Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

After lunch, most of the afternoon has been absorbed with presentations representing four major areas of NAD emphasis. Right after the education segment, I noticed that the  security department of the car rental company that I have rented my auto thru, were trying to contact me, so, I have left late in the proceedings to attend to this; apparently, there is a misunderstanding on the length of my rental.  The rental company thought I was returning this car on Friday! Sean Boonstra is just now presenting an initiative on plans for evangelism in Indianapolis; Sean, you may recall, is the former director/speaker for It Is Written and now serves the NAD in the area of evangelism. A couple of added insights . . .

Dr. Jackson has commented on the overall health of Adventist Media ministries with the exception of Voice of Prophecy which is facing some significant financial pressures.

After this mornings lengthy floor debate over Super Storm Sandy, ADRA, etc., we have learned that over lunch, the NAD has appropriated $500,000 from their reserves for immediate assistance to the N.E. corridor affected by the storm.  Additionally, they are designating a special Sabbath offering in two weeks, to further assist. I have mixed feelings on this issue that absorbed most of the morning and resulted in this sizable financial decision . ..  while I am sure it will help those affected by this tragedy, I wonder if such appropriations will be, or should be, solely the result of the impact of a line-up of impassioned speeches . .  speeches that were not given when the tornado's devastated Joplin, MO, or, the flood waters nearly swept away metro Nashville, or as oft the case, hurricanes that slammed the S.E. coastline. If our determination of what we do, and how much we do, is to be determined by the speeches made at Year End Meeting that, in timing, coincide with a terrible natural disaster, then, I would hope that all future  natural catastrophe's would happen around Year End Meetings and then be followed by impassioned advocates willing to address the  post-storm needs at the microphone.

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