Saturday, July 6, 2013

Danville Church Organization

Danville Church Organization

Sabbath School at Danville
Danville Charter Members Signing the Charter
Elder Steve Rose and I had the privilege of being in Danville Kentucky two weeks ago for the purpose of organizing them into the 99th Church of the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. This is a vibrant and active congregation who have been blessed with success in carving out a church in a previously dark county and unentered territory.  Dr. Nerren James and his wife, together with Pastor David Clark, have been instrumental in growing the church from a small group of four or five to a current congregation of over 30 individuals.  Most inspiring to me was the testimony portion of the service where several couples told their personal story of what the church has meant to them personally.  It was a very inspiring event!
18th Century Plantation Kitchen House

Entrance Drive to Shelby Plantation
On my way back to Nashville I pulled into the old home estate of Kentucky's first governor, Isaac Shelby, who once had a large plantation just outside of Danville. The only portion of the original property that still
remains is the beautiful tree-lined drive, the kitchen house, and the family cemetery.
Isaac Shelby Grave

    The final pic, is a picture demonstrating the Lord's answer to our three     years of prayers to sell our home near Chattanooga, and rejoicing that in His time, He answered in the way we were hoping He would!

Grace, Mercy, and Peace . . . always . . . in Him!

Praise the Lord!

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