Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

OK. It HAS been a long time since my last post. Apologies to those who actually enjoy the blog, and yes, along with bloggers much more faithful and committed than me, one wonders if anyone is reading. But; the blog allows me to express some of the more trivial stuff in life and ministry so I suppose its a healthy outlet for me!

Heres a few pictures of the new Southern Union Office building, where I was privileged to be the Sabbath speaker at the celebration opening event. Unfortunately, my phone battery died before I could get many pictures of this beautiful and large new building located in Norcross, northwest of the old Decatur, GA headquarters which has been purchased by the South Atlantic Conference as their new headquarters.

The new Union building is a 70's era structure, but, as obvious in the pictures, has been beautifully re-modeled - completely re-built including much of the wiring, all of the flooring, walls, windows, and even a refinished exterior. The result is a very functional and attractive office.

Fellowship "Hall" where meals were served

The picture doesn't show it well but where the blue light is under the staircase,
on the below ground floor, there
is a small water fountain.

The Assembly/Worship Room

Exterior, Main Entrance

Same View as Above

This past Sabbath, I had the privilege of visiting the Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville for the first time. Historically, this is the site of the 1920's cheek family estate (the founders owners of the Maxwell House Coffee company). By the time the family had 'died off' the last heirs deeded the property as a public garden/museum. Open year round, it's in the Spring that the 100,000 planted bulbs burst into life and together with the carefully planned gardens with their background of flowering trees and shrubs, the result is a beautiful testimony of the genius of God's creation.

In case you' haven't heard; no, I'm not a 'photographer' but maybe these "point and shoot" views would give you a small glimpse of the beauty of these gardens.

Tonight, I will be in downtown Nashville joining Alumni Awards Foundation in their 'visioning/strategy' for Madison Academy event, which will include public appreciation for the staff and faculty.

Blessings in Spring and may God demonstrate in very real and measurable ways, his love and grace to you and yours.


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