Monday, October 26, 2015

Family Stuff

Will be on my way to Maryland and NAD Year End meetings this Wednesday. Before leaving, thought I'd - with pride - post a picture of my son Christopher  - the taller of the two boys - who had the rare privilege last week of assisting in the "Laying of the Wreath" Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Together with his classmates from Highland Academy, they are on their Junior Class American History trip and as class president, he got to join in the honor.  He was thrilled to do so, and, appropriately, took it very seriously!

While in Southern California  and Loma Linda two weeks ago for "Medical/Dental" recruiting, I enjoyed having lunch with my friend, Pastor Injong "John" Moon, who once pastored here in KTC at the Louisville Korean Church.  John is pictured here with his son Samuel.

While flying to California, I had a connection in Houston, and while waiting for my next flight, I met this gentleman, also flying into the L.A. area. He is a WWII vet, and a member of the famous Tuskegee Airmen, who comprised a African American Bomber and Fighter squadron and performed with great courage and skill during a time when the armed forces were segregated.  This man was a mechanic with the airmen and I thanked him for his service to our country.

Speaking of patriotism, this intimidating bird was present at a sporting event I attended last Sunday.  I would have gotten my picture with him but he's a little menacing up close!

When your kids become adults, you all the more appreciate those family times together. This is "our gang" taking a  Sabbath hike at Bledsoe Creek.


Those who know me best, know I really love American history.  A couple of weeks ago I convinced Malinda to join me in a tour of the Sam Davis plantation just outside Nashville. Sam Davis was the courageous Confederate "operative" (he disdained the label 'spy') who was captured by the Union and rather than reveal the names of those who were his comrades he chose death. "I would rather die a 1000 deaths than betray a friend!" were his reported last words when offered freedom from the gallows. He is buried behind his boyhood home within the beauty of acres of cotton fields and the humble sad little slave cottages near the mansion.


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