Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Resource for Media and the Public Announced

In light of the huge media interest in SDA's generated by the candidacy of Ben Carson for President, the SDA Church in North America (NAD) has wisely put together a web-resource, I reviewed the site this morning and it seems very well done.  It provides a quick/easy to read review of SDA statistics and highlights our mission in the context of 150 years of ministry in addressing the needs of the world with the invitation to live a life of health, wholeness and truth within the context of the Gospel.

Check out the site and pass it on to others! Today's agenda at Y.E.M. (Year End Meetings) includes a "parade of reports" from Refugee Ministries, Education, and continued updates from the NAD Nominating Committee. Following the GC Session last July, and the election of the three NAD Executive Officers, (President, Secretary, Treasurer), an additional 40 individuals/positions are reviewed and recommended to the delegates for election.  The nominating committee has now convened three times; quite a bit more than five years ago when I served on the same committee.  At that time, our entire report was completed in one single three hour block.

One of the differences would be that over the 1st five year term of Elder Jackson, changes in personnel are recommended and are not unusual in consideration of how many positions are offices that require being voted.

I have just received word that the SAU (Southern Adventist University) Presidential Search Committee is prepared to offer/nominate to the SAU Board the name of an individual to succeed Dr. Gordon Bietz.  The Board (of which I'm a member) has been invited to convene and join in a tele-conference meeting tomorrow night.  I believe I know who the individual is that the committee is nominating.  It is 'rumored' to be one of the present serving Executive Administrators currently serving at SAU.

I will share this information following our conference tomorrow night via this blog.  Grace and Blessings in Him! 

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