Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Two days out from our constituency event, I am continuing to reflect on the amazing presence  and leading of God that orchestrated and inspired the organization of his Church. It is a testimony to God's work upon  human hearts that we can have a convocation such as we conducted Sunday, where 500 individuals (and I underscore the word individual) from every corner of the conference convene and conduct God's business in harmony and peace. Someone once said, a bit 'tongue in cheek,' yet with some level of legitimacy, that wherever two or more of God's people are gathered . . . . there will be disagreement. Perhaps that is true; yet, disagreement, of itself, is  not necessarily bad.  It IS good that God made us individuals, with distinctive opinions, unique backgrounds,  and holding in common perhaps only one thread of unity that binds us together, and that is a love for the truth of God's Word, and  a desire to live in obedience to Jesus Christ. My point is this: we need each other, we need each others opinions and need to hear the convictions and thoughts of each other, even when we disagree.  Often, it is out of disagreement that the truth is discovered, and it is a beautiful thing, and a demonstration of amazing grace, when differences lead to unity.  Out of chaos, harmony?  Perhaps some would characterize our event last Sunday in that way, and, if that description is accurate, then I would still say, "God blessed us!"

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