Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wow. It's over a month since I posted to my blog? I'm embarrassed! I have a soap box I mount for web -sites, calendars, posted information that's out of date and while I could argue my 'blog' is not out of date, neither is it in synch with the times. Aah.  There lies my excuse; I'm very busy, but, then again, aren't all of us? One very time consuming issue that arose unexpectedly was a principal change at Madison Academy. The much beloved David Denton accepted an invitation to the principalship at Forest Lake in Orlando and with only a week before the school year ended, we engaged immediately in a nationwide search for a principal replacement. A difficult task anytime of the year and all the more so when the search begins in late May! God is good; He's never blindsided or taken by surprise as we are by circumstances and decisions that affect our plans, and the Lord led us to Mrs. Kris Fuentes, presently the principal at Escondido Academy outside of San Diego. I'll share more about this in my Haley Comments edition which may also be delayed due to my overseas trip coming up.

A thought for inspiration, and, also practice in using my new google app for uploading pictures to my blog. Below is the majestic,regal, British Columbia Parliament building located in Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C. I was there last  September for meetings and it is unquestionably a magnificent edifice where important matters of the Province are processed. Now, look at the picture which follows:

This is a small stone chapel, built in the 15h century, on the site of  a former monastery in Austria. Simple, unadorned, built entirely by hand using local stone and wood, as a place of worship. The question: which building is more beautiful?

Final experiment with technology:copy and paste the following link to get a final picture of our illustrious Executive Secretary, Elder Marvin Lowman, on the eve of his retirement. THIS is the way he wants to be remembered!  (just kidding).

Summer blessings and I will attempt to post more regularly on the blog while in Turkey/Greece week after next.

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