Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Navigating the Minefields" Day One

Ok. So, when you're driving at 65 mph, at nightfall, hanging your I-phone out the window to capture a beautiful Denver, CO sunset, this is what you get - at least from a very novice photographer such as me! If the sunrise tomorrow is, as expected, as beautiful as this morning, I'll take a couple of shots of the snow covered front range hills just outside my hotel window.

Today's first 8 hour class session was outstanding. Dr. Gordon MacDonald, author of "A Resilient Life," "Going Deep," and probably a dozen other volumes, is our instructor and he wasted no time in having us explore our personal life journeys with the goal of identifying the obstacles, testing moments, when God used circumstances to teach and shape us for the present . . . and the future. I don't think I've ever had a professor begin a class with sharing in detail, his failure points in an otherwise stellar ministry career, but in doing that, Dr. MacDonald, or "Gordon" as he prefers to be called, opened the door for the class to be authentic, real, and genuine; a necessary pre-requisite to learn truth about yourself.

As always, the make up of the class is quite interesting and the richness of backgrounds and life experiences of the students add much to the learning environment. To my knowledge, I am one of eight Adventist students at Denver, with most of us in the D. Min. program, and I believe our interaction and connection with leaders of other faith backgrounds is a positive witness for the church.

Will get a couple of better pics of the school and area tomorrow and post them with my end of day report. Blessings!

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