Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year in Denver

It's January the 2nd of a new year and I'm preparing for my first day of my doctoral class which begins in the morning. This is my third January spent in Denver in pursuit of my degree, and tomorrow's class, "Navigating the Minefields of Ministry," with Dr. Gordon MacDonald, promises to be a rich and rewarding study. Gordon MacDonald is a prolific author who has contributed an enormous amount of material in the area of developing leaders who consistently reflect integrity, balance, and a life-time posture of growing in personal relationships, in their ministry, and in their walk with Jesus Christ.

My guess is Dr. MacDonald is in his 70's but he inspires and motivates men and women much younger, and a few that are his own contemporaries, with the challenge of giving your very best until at least you break the 'tape' at the finish line. I'll give a brief daily re-cap/reflection each evening of what I picked up in the class, starting tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, the weather in Denver looks good this week; at least up through week's end when I return home. Last year, my class was held at a retreat center in the mountains above Boulder, and the week was full of cold, blowing snow, and getting sick such that I had to return to Nashville early. Praying for good health this week - for you and me - and praying that your new year is starting out with reason to know God loves you!

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