Thursday, January 5, 2012

The picture above was likely the best of a handful I took on Wednesday at Denver Seminary. The view is looking west, from the back of the Denver Seminary campus, which is a small campus, but I learned yesterday, has around 1100 students in it's graduate programs. I took a couple of pictures of the campus but they didn't turn out particularly well. I enjoy the snow glistening off the front range to the west, and the dry, usually clear and sunny weather, make Denver a nice winter locale (except when they get dumped on with 14 inches of snow which happened a few weeks ago!)

Wednesday's class was, as Tuesdays, quite intense. We talked about what a biblical "calling" really means. Does it change? Is it continual or, at a single point in time? Interestingly, we also talked about 'conversion' with some of the same questions. Another topic of the day was "institutionalism." Obviously, we who live and serve within the Church, are part of a large structure. Can organizations and structures limit the purpose and mission and ministry of the individual? We reviewed the life of Francis of Assisi, who, was someone I knew little of, but who lived a life of humble poverty and servitude that was quite remarkable. Another area was reflecting on one of our assigned class text books called "The Spire," which is a very strange read that is the fictional account of a minister who is consumed with ambition and unholy zeal to do what he would suggest is God's will, but is likely serving his own ego.

Lots of lessons and issues to reflect on and much of this class is designed to bring you into close and personal review of who you are. Not what you think you are, what you wish you were, what you hope others see you as, but who and what you really are.
The professor for this class is quite deep; he lectures without notes for six to seven hours at a time, interrupted only by moments of engaging the class in discussion. One of the most interesting statements he made was a brief comment"I have looked into the eyes of the President of the United States on three different occasions, and asked him about his indiscretions." Dr. MacDonald was one of Bill Clinton's counselors and spiritual guides during his presidency. Blessings in the day

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